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Part number :393005

To install tracks on your UTV, you need:

Step 1
  • Choose your WSS4 Track kit
Step 2 (Select the proper track adapter depending on your UTV model)
  • You may refer to the chart shown in the photos.
  • You may browse the website using the Search “by vehicle” search tool.

You’re driving your UTV and wish you could cross over this white snowbank alongside the path in the winter? Stop limiting yourself; drive a WSS4 “Commander”!

No more boundaries, no more fear; the WSS4 will take you wherever you want with your friends or your equipment with an adrenalin bonus!
The well-thought out design and robust construction, combined with tracks designed for optimal traction, make the WSS4 “THE” UTV Kit for all seasons.
  • 15” (381 mm) sprocket built for all season use
  • Aggressive track profile
  • HD tensioner: Quick & easy to use
  • Pronounced attack angle helps to clear obstacles
  • Wheels contact patch coated with rubber: Prevents ice from sticking
  • System without slider shoe for all season performance
  • Four wheels tandem for more comfort and smoother driving feel with your UTV
  • Wheels with two cap-protected ball bearings: low and easy maintenance
  • Triangulated frame composed of robust 2.5” (64 mm) steel tubing
  • Width: 318 mm / 12.5” front, 356 mm / 14” rear
  • Length: 2460 mm / 97” front, 2970 mm / 117” rear
  • Weight: (without mount kit) 91 lb. / 41 kg front, 112 lb. / 51 kg rear
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Lug height: 25 mm / 1” front, 33 mm / 1.3” rear
  • Drive type: Internal
  • Flotation surface: 1.57 m² / 2430 in² = 0.65 m² / 1000 in² front & 0.92 m² / 1430 in² rear
  • Ground clearance: Increase of 145 mm / 5.5”
  • Speed loss: 35%
  • Initial installation time: 1,5 hrs.
  • Subsequent installation time: 30 minutes
  • Applications: UTV only
  • Snow: Deep, Moderate, Path and Springtime
  • Off Snow: Marshland, Mud, Sand, Dirt road and Gravel
NOTES for the DPS module :

The DPS module gives you the real speed of your vehicule while driving. Here are the codes to be used depending on the vehicule you own:
  • Commander = 715 002 001
  • Maverick = 715 002 001

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Barcode :779422970788

  • Kimpex catalog number :393005


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • None
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